Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why It is Hard to Function Normally With Depression

Depressed man
Depression can hit any time, anywhere
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Depression is an illness that causes one to become moody, sad, tired, confused, lonely, angry, helpless, suicidal or any number of other symptoms that interfere with daily life. It can range from mild to severe, but can make functioning difficult for sufferers on any part of the spectrum. Nearly every symptom of depression has the potential to interfere with one's functionality in some way.

One of the most obvious and common symptoms of depression is sadness. This sadness can manifest itself as suicidal thoughts, sudden crying fits, unwillingness to participate in enjoyable activities and so on. This can make it difficult to function normally because it takes the joy out of accomplishing goals and spending time with loved ones. When there is no joy in life, there is no will to do things that one should be doing, like chores, work and maintaining relationships. If the sadness manifests as suicidality, it makes it even more difficult to function normally. Who would be motivated to live their day-to-day life when they have been thinking of ending it?

Another symptom of depression is feeling tired, unmotivated and even achy. It is almost like being sick without the runny nose, cough and fever. This makes it hard to get out of bed, let alone work, go to school, care for children, etc. Functioning normally with a constant feeling of malaise is an epic task. You almost literally have to drag yourself out of bed. Unfortunately, this does not only make it hard to function normally, it makes it hard to get treatment. Some depression sufferers lack the stamina to focus on therapy and other treatment options.

Depression can make it difficult to concentrate, thus interfering with a huge amount of tasks. Tasks like grocery shopping can become monumental. You may not be able to remember what you came to purchase at the store. You may have a hard time staying at the store because you cannot stop thinking about your depression and the symptoms you are battling. Tasks like remembering to pay bills or even working may fall by the wayside as depression takes over your mind. Many people who suffer from depression need help financially because they are so distracted.

Just the act of suffering from depression is enough to make it difficult to function normally. The only way to combat this is to seek treatment for depression and its symptoms. Make a decision to fight depression and continue with your life as usual. Do not let your depression keep you in bed and definitely do not keep it bottled up. If you feel suicidal, reach out to a loved one or a health care professional immediately. Better days are ahead, you just have to hold on long enough to get there.

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