Saturday, February 6, 2016

Just For Fun: Sh*t People Say About Mental Illness On Twitter

So, I noticed that Twitter is, surprise of all surprises, a hotbed of ignorance. It happened recently when I was following the otherwise uplifting hashtag imnotashamed. While reading some of the more ignorant and hurtful tweets posted using the same hashtag, I realized some of this stuff was actually pretty funny, if you could get past the whole mental health shaming bit. To be fair, even some of us in the mental health community were being a bit weird like posting pictures of their steak dinner with the hashtag or policing the posts of their fellow sufferers who decided to argue with the Scientology crowd. Digging deeper, I saw that there really is a vast community of people who are still arguing against psychiatry like we're still back in the days of the mental asylum. Long story short, I thought I would share with you some of the more funny sh*t people say about mental illness on Twitter.

*Note: Some of this may not be funny to others, so if you're in a tough space, maybe ignore the stigma here and move on to another post. Also, I'm not entirely convinced at least three of this people are not one vegetarian Scientologist with a ton of time on her hands. 

Okay, a bunch of anti-psych types are using this video with John Oliver to show that psych meds don't work. The point of the video is not that at all. It's that doctors are courted by pharmaceutical reps, which is pretty common knowledge. Do your research and get a good doctor. You wouldn't not take an antibiotic for pneumonia because of this video, right?

Oh, really, "Jordan?" Do you know how many diagnoses of exclusion there are in medicine? Multiple sclerosis is made up! 

Food only stays in your system temporarily. That is why every morning you wake up and have to eat another meal.

That's what's pathetic here. Really?

The miserable people will save the planet.

Yes, we all have some form of OCD. That makes all the sense.

Insecticide and insecticide? Holy crap!

Yes, infants write blog posts while drooling on their Macs.

Oh. my. god. I knew it was that hot dog that gave me OCD.

If your consciousness is completely eradicated, you're in a coma or dead. #justsayin

I swear these are all the same person. Apparently, only vegetarians are mentally stable.

While truly horrible, this may be my favorite one of all. It's like saying 50% of people who take cancer medication have cancer. Yes, people who are suicidal sometimes can't be helped by psych meds. The uplifting part is that sometimes, they really can. I hope that's the takeaway here. Avoid the Kool-Aid, folks and have a happy life.

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