Saturday, February 27, 2016

Just For Fun: Comics That Show What Intrusive Thoughts are Really Like

In my life, it often takes comedy to cut to the heart of something in a way that I can bear it. I prefer to laugh at things that are painful. Moreover, OCD and intrusive thoughts really do have a funny side, if you can get a break from the anxiety for long enough to laugh at them. Here are a few comics about intrusive thoughts that I found online that are not only funny, but are really insightful. (Note: there were many other great comics, but some of them didn't have watermarks and hunting down the original owner was more than I have time for right now, so I stuck to those with watermarks or identifying titles.)

This happens with anything that is remotely helpless. 

While this one doesn't really explain why, the compulsion 
to keep knives away is very real for many of us.

Most of us have intrusive thoughts about hurting people, 
hurting ourselves, moral issues, etc., but there are also 
random intrusive thoughts that get stuck in our heads, 
like this one.

Not a comic, but funny, nonetheless.

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