Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My Favorite Blogs By People With Mental Illnesses

I want to start this post by saying that I know a ton of us are bloggers. By "us" I mean people who have mental illnesses. Therefore, I know that there are a ton of blogs I don't know about or that just didn't pop into my chaotic mind while I wrote this post. Don't take it to mean I don't love your blog or couldn't love your blog. I'm sure I'll write another post just like this later and add more blogs to it. For now, these will have to do. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.


Do Tumblr accounts count as blogs? I'm not sure. I don't tumble, but Ruby does, and it looks like a blog to me, so I'm adding it. I'm not sure what Ruby is really like, but I picture her as young, as in younger than me, and kind of finding herself through irreverent drawings and posts about things like armpit sweat and mental health stigma. She's a clever girl, not a velociraptor. I also follow her on Twitter, if Tumblr's not your thing. I don't blame you if it isn't.

The Bloggess 

The Bloggess is a gem I recently discovered with the help of a fellow ball of anxiety I met on Twitter. She's a sweetie who recommended a book by The Bloggess (real name Jenny Lawson) titled Furiously Happy. She even tried to help me win the book on a little Twitter giveaway Lawson had. It didn't work, but I bought the book anyway. I loved the book, and have since come to love the blog. Mrs. Bloggess has a lot of issues with undefined borders, so most of us will relate to her kind of manic, anxious depression, but hopefully find solace in her sense of humor and innate optimism. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for extra funnies.

Hyperbole and a Half

I can't say enough of about artist and blogger Allie Brosh, and neither can the rest of the Internet. This sensational talent and relatable human is the mastermind behind Hyperbole and a Half. Brosh doesn't post much, as she is busy recovering or trying to recover or being recovered from depression. However, what she does post is brilliant and funny. Her posts on depression are extraordinarily popular because of how accurately they describe what depression feels like, but with added humor so it doesn't alienate readers. Brosh doesn't post often on social media, but you can sometimes find her at events. She may also have a second book out at the end of 2016. Keep an eye out for it.

I've gotten annoyed and am going to end my post here. As I was writing, I realized that all of my favorite mental health bloggers are women. So, I went on a search for men's mental health bloggers. I wasn't looking for information-soaked websites. I was looking for honest, daily life blogs about mental health written by men. I didn't find any that stacked up to the three listed here. Maybe that's because I like my blogs to be funny and entertaining as well as informative, and the ones I found tended to be more information. I don't know, but I felt bad that I didn't have any men, so here I am. The worst part is that I know I've seen some great ones and can't flupping find them! If you know of any great blogs written by men with mental illness, please share below!

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