Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How I Can Tell If I'm Having a Good Day With My OCD

Some days are better than others. In fact, you can have a totally rad day in the middle of a string of "I'm not sure I'm going to make it out alive" days. However, with OCD, our mind tends to play tricks on us. Just the thought "I'm having a good day" can have me quickly thinking "Oh, sh*t. My anxiety is going to crop up and ruin it." The following are surefire signs that I'm having a good day, whether OCD likes it or not.

  • I have eaten a healthy number of calories and none of them came from a bottle of Ensure that went down like a brick. 
  • I got out of bed without spending 1-3 hours laying there obsessing over whether I should keep trying to fall back asleep or get up and shakily, nauseously face the world.
  • I did at least one task that I didn't want to do and didn't panic about it. 
  • I thought something was going to make me terribly anxious and then it didn't.
  • I didn't need a sedative before noon. 
  • I cooked dinner for my husband. Sometimes, I even eat it with him too. 
  • I was able to work a relatively normal workday. 
  • I went for a walk and didn't wonder if I would panic in the middle of the woods and need a rescue team to save me from a bed of leaves and despair. 
  • I ate something before noon. 

Hey, don't take this stuff for granted. When you're anxious, you never know what the day will bring. Hell, no one knows what the day will bring, but that is a bit more a problem for people with anxiety issues.

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